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DJ Loch (Prabhloch Singh) started off as a part time DJ at the age of 15. Having undertaken no professional training in DJing due to no training centre for the same & affordability concerns, Loch is very much self taught.

Apart from his love for music, vast knowledge of Hindustani Classical Music and computers helped him master the art of music mixing/DJing.

And even before the age of 18, Loch had made his name in the private/corporate party circuit with over 200 parties to his credit, having expertise over DENON, NUMARK & HERCULES Consoles.

In the past 11 years, Loch has performed at more than 1500 gigs in India & Abroad. One of his performances was telecast live on TV in over 3 countries.

Loch is now known for his expertise in providing Dance Party Solutions for Celebrity Nights, Clubs, Corporates & Private Bashes

Apart from providing Dance Party Solutions, Loch also uses his experience (both sweet & bitter) to train aspiring DJ's at his DJ STUDIO in Chandigarh INDIA.

Loch's Disc Jockey Training Centre has produced some of the best DJ's in India, Uganda and Thailand.

All earnings from his DJing are used to fund human rights activities organised by his Human Rights Protection Group (Middle Finger Protests) and for other charity purposes.


Apart from running a non-profit self-funded human rights group, Loch manages the workforce for a software company for his living apart from a couple of unique business ventures, being the serial entrepreneur that he is!

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